Slow Medicine Therapy

Slow Medicine Therapy

Robin Queen Finkelstein, The Slow Medicine Therapist, offers a whole-being, integrative approach to wellness – nurturing clients into health on the emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical levels. She recognizes that each of us is an autonomous being, and she honors the body’s intelligence and soul’s wisdom of every individual. For this reason, the core of her work is establishing the optimal, cocoon-like environment for clients to flourish – a place of security, where people can be vulnerable, experience their feelings, re-envision their lives, and ultimately, heed the calling of their hearts.


The healing process begins as soon as clients arrive at SunRaven: The Home of Slow Medicine – a converted barn on a working farm, which serves as the live/work space of Robin and her partner, Michael Finkelstein, MD, The Slow Medicine Doctor®. After welcoming clients into her home, Robin offers a listening ear and a caring heart, as well as a cup of organic herbal tea and fresh organic fruit, as she invites clients to relax and gently unfold. Amidst a nourishing environment with relaxing music, beautiful flowers, and soothing candles, Robin utilizes any number of supportive tools – talk therapy, guided imagery, somatic release work, aromatherapy, inner child work, and more, as per the needs and interests of a client – to provide customized support in getting underneath and moving through whatever issues are showing up in a client’s life.

Through this process of self-discovery, Robin helps clients understand the heart of the matter affecting them and, in turn, heal old wounds that may be interfering with the ability to live fully and authentically in the present. Expressing the spectrum of their feelings – which provide critical information and serve as a kind of navigation system – clients step mindfully and powerfully into a future of their own making, as Robin equips them with daily tools for staying grounded, speaking truth, and blossoming into their ultimate potential.

Robin works with adults and children of all ages, providing Slow Medicine Therapy to individuals, couples, families, and groups. When working with more than one person, Robin focuses on providing the skills for listening, validating, and empathizing, instead of projecting, shaming, and blaming. She furthermore teaches clients how to approach conflict as a sacred opportunity for self-healing, personal growth, emotional intimacy, and collective transformation. To learn more about Robin Queen Finkelstein and the Slow Medicine Therapy experience, please visit The Slow Medicine Therapist page. To schedule a Slow Medicine Therapy session, please contact the Slow Medicine team.