Robin Queen Finkelstein

Robin Queen Finkelstein, The Slow Medicine Therapist, is a certified psycho-spiritual counselor, ordained minister, and green living specialist, as well as the founder of Transformational Touch healing modality. Most importantly, however, she is a spiritual seeker who is both committed to and immersed in the path of healing. Engaged in the Slow Medicine lifestyle in which she guides her clients, Robin spends quality time in nature; practices yoga; nourishes relationships with her loved ones; prepares meals that feed the body, mind, and spirit; practices Transcendental Meditation; attends ongoing personal growth and professional training seminars; and otherwise lives a life devoted to health, abundance, and conscious evolution.


In her youth, Robin experienced early wounding that left her feeling unmothered, and as a result, insecure – leading her to live from a state of “lack.” She intuitively sensed, however, there must be another way of living, and as a young woman, she actively pursued finding an alternate path of nurturance and abundance. Through this intimate journey, Robin learned that our wounds can, paradoxically, serve as fertile soil for awakening, transforming, and blossoming. With this perspective, Robin nurtured herself back into wholeness. Today, with the personal experience from her own evolution, coupled with empathy and love for her clients, Robin “mothers” individuals through their own unique journeys into wholeness – honoring the wisdom of their bodies and souls, helping them cultivate their emotional intelligence, and providing the security and nurturance they need to step into their fullest beings.

Against the backdrop of a society where so many of us are discouraged not only from discussing but even from feeling emotions that are rendered “difficult,” Robin invites clients to express themselves purely and authentically, and she offers numerous material and emotional support tools for doing so in a way that is safe and nourishing. With space for the wounded child inside to be seen, heard, and validated, to have full release of the feelings that have been trapped, and to move through those feelings to the other side, clients have the opportunity to experience a healing alchemy that leads to a whole-being metamorphosis. Robin not only guides clients within an internal therapeutic setting but also refers clients to supplementary resources, as needed – such as 12-step groups for overcoming addictions.

The co-director of SunRaven: The Home of Slow Medicine, Robin facilitates Slow Medicine Therapy sessions for individuals, couples, families, and groups. She specializes in internal dialogue, through which she facilitates inner child work, and interactive dialogue, through which she teaches skillful communication habits – ultimately helping clients develop emotional intimacy with themselves and their loved ones. In addition, Robin offers Slow Medicine workshops and Slow Medicine Immersion programs, together with her work and life partner, Michael Finkelstein, MD, The Slow Medicine Doctor®. To find out more about Robin’s work, please visit the Slow Medicine Therapy services page. To schedule an appointment or register for an upcoming program, please contact the Slow Medicine team.